Wednesday, April 1, 2009

PSChoir Talk

So, we'll call the whole site PSChoir Talk and see how that flies.  I'll try to edit the blog title.



  1. Nice tie-in to the choir's identity from the web site: I like this one much better.

  2. Oh. Now I can sleep better knowing all's right with the world. Blog-wise.

  3. I like this way better than logging on to yahoo!

  4. This is a forum meant to be seen by the public and will not serve the same function as the Yahoo group. The Yahoo group is a secure site where we can put our needed files such as rosters, notes, rehearsal schedule, etc. This is a place to discuss issues that need to be weighed in on by the greater public, as well as our membership, of course. So, there's no log on necessary - for the most part.


  5. No comments for three months. zzzzzzzzzzz

    Not that we don't have anything to talk about -- response to the Rachmaninoff, which has been superb.

    Ending the year in the black, thanks again to Tom Hard's generous challenge and choir members and board members response. (My daughter Susan made a contribution from Pittsburgh in honor of her dad on Fathers' Day, which I thought was neat -- bias freely acknowledged).

    Well, now that Twinkletoes Petersen is back from dancing in Estonia, perhaps he can take steps....

    John Salmon, B2